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Reflexology Retreats from Yoga and Reflexology at the beach | Waihi Beach, New Zealand


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Coming up in May 2016 is the Reflexology NZ Conference to be held at Waihi Academy

Guest speakers include Jennifer Holmes - Jennifer travels internationally to teach Jin Shin Jyutsu and is NZ's only Jin Shin Jyutsu teacher; Jennifer will a lso be leading a workshop how to harmonise our energy to keep ourselves healthy ; Cathy Caldwell was NZ's Reflexologist of the Year in 2014 and is a leading provider of reflexology training in NZ. Cathy will share a therapeutic tool kit to keep ourselves healthy. Jenni Henry worked in a hospital in the USA and was part of a team working alongside mainstream medicine to provide Jin Shin Jyutsu and reflexology before and after operations.Dr Bill Lee is a chinese traditional medicine doctor, acupuncturist and reflexologist. Last year he spoke at the conference and received a standing ovation. This year he is invited back to continue and to share his years of wisdom and experience with us in a key note speech and hands on workshop.

This is a weekend of getting together with like minded people, sharing, having fun, learning and relaxing.

If you are a like minded person who values holistic and natural therapies , we would love to welcome you to the conference. Come, meet and join the friendliest reflexologists in New Zealand.

Remember to keep 6-8 May 2016 free!




Yoga and Reflexology at the Beach brings you many opportunities to enjoy benefits of a unique combination of yoga, reflexology treatments, energy harmonising and Ayurvedic Head Massage amidst Waihi Beach’s natural environment – a unique fusion of science, therapies and nature that guarantees pure relaxation, inner peace and wellbeing.

Whether you would like to enjoy a reflexology treatment or an ayurvedic head massage, or both, in a tranquil setting; an ayurvedic lifestyle plan to bring your body into optimum health; a Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment or a yoga class...

Maybe you would like to experience the pleasure of a Wellness day retreat.

Your wellness day retreat is personalised for you: a reflexology treatment / energy harmonising treatment / Ayurvedic Head Massage, a personal yoga session  / deep relaxation (yoga nidra), maybe a sauna, a guided walk through Waihi Beach's stunning coastal environment or just relax with friends and enjoy browsing through a wide range of books and magazines as you snuggle on a couch - all with beautifully prepared flavoursome and seasonal meals and snacks ... a truly pampering experience for your mind, body and soul.



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Coming up in 2016...



Self Help Jin Shin Jyutsu Workshop

Part 1

April 9 2016

July 30 2016

September 17 2016

November 26

Part 2

16 April 2016

6 August 2016

24 September 2016


Yoga & Reflexology NZ

Introductory Reflexology Weekend Workshop


June 25, 26

August 27,28

October 29,30







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Disclaimer As with any physical activity, there is some risk of injury associated with yoga. Yoga and Reflexology at the Beach recommends you check with your doctor before you begin this, or any other, course of physical activity. If you have any injuries or health concerns please ensure you notify the instructor before you start, so that they are aware of your limits. Remember, the decision to perform any exercise remains your own and the instructor cannot accept responsibility for problems during or after a class, course or treatment. Please note also that the classes, courses and treatments offered by Yoga and Reflexology at the Beach, and the prices they are offered for, are subject to change without notice.

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